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We have several hundred acres of top quality hay specialising in the Horse market.
Everything is done to ensure that the product is kept free from bacteria and mycotoxins. This is accomplished through correct storage, the right land with the correct fertiliser applications, the right experience and most importantly, a bit of luck.
However, the key is to only store 100% quality hay in a shed with 100% quality hay. Any sub standard stock for instance would be kept in a seperate shed. The dreaded Aspergillus will spread if this is not adhered to and can destroy your hay very quickly. But fear not, as our hay is tested regularly and is free from all disease.
All of our hay is stored on pallets and some loose barley straw is lightly spread on the tops of the bales to soak up any moisture in the air and in the bales.

We also have a finer Hay ideal for Sheep and a more leafy variety which would be suitable for cattle. Silage and Haylage is also available. Click here to place your order now or to get a quote. Leave your number and we'll get back to you. It couldn't be more simple!

Types of Hay

Equine Mix
RVP/Italian Ryegrass
Old Meadow Grass
New Meadow Grass

Samples Available

All your Hay and Straw needs Catered For...

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