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http://www.haygain.com - Haygain Steamers are somewhat new to the Irish market. They have achieved some remarkable results in the racehorse industry thus far and are catching on fast. Click here for a demo video to see it in action.

Haygain Steamers are available from Hayandstraw.ie
For more information, please click on the place order tab and leave your information and someone will be back to you within 24 hours.

Seaquim Seaweed
Available at hayandstraw.ie.

With over 60 elements, amino acids and vitamins. Seaquim is fed to a wide range of animals from the most expensive pedigree race horses to dairy cattle, beef animal, sheep, goats and pigs. Feeding Seaquim improves the animal's ability to digest, enabling the animal to make better use of whatever feed is available.

The benefits are reflected in improved fertility, ability to cope with stress, overcoming calving difficulties quantity and quality of milk and livelier offspring.

Draminski Moisture Meter for Hay/Straw - Top of the range moisture meter with 2 functions, one giving you constantly updated readings of the moisture of the bale and the other will give you the temperature. This temperature is very useful for when bales have just been baled. It will better let you know if the bale is sweating or heating. Comes with full warranty etc and will reach 2 feet which is right into the centre of a standard 4x4 bale.

Click here and leave your details for more info. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

www.pearson-international.com - High Quality Milking Machine Systems made to Order from Athy County Kildare

www.oconnormccormack.ie -

Providing expert Legal Advice for Farmers in respect of purchase and sale of land, transfers of land within the family and other agri-legal matters for over 30 years. O'Connor McCormack Solicitors are based in Naas, County Kildare.

Beachrow Holsteins

Based in Ballyduff, Stradbally, Co Laois and home to Irelands Elite Holstein and Jersey Genetics. Beachrow Holsteins are now working with world renowned cow families. For Enquiries, contact Michael on 0878537002.

Embryos, Heifers and Bulls always available.

- Irelands Number 1 Haulage/Transport Network. Putting you; the customer in a position to pay the cheapest price for transport of goods!

Eliminate your Rodent Problems - 5 traps with an 8 kilo bucket of poisoned grain for just 90 euros.
Save 100's of euro's on poison every year and protect your pets
from danger. Click on the Place Order tab for enquiries

www.deerparkcharollais.com - Pedigree Charollais Rams and Females For Sale - A3 Flock

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